"Top Ten Hottest Toys for Christmas"

Welcome to another Christmas season! The holiday is filled with joy, anticipation, and fun! For parents and family, however, this can be a stressful time as you struggle to find the perfect gift for your child or loved one. Read on, and let the stress melt away as you read the top ten.

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Top Ten Hottest Toys for Christmas is your one stop website that can help you figure out which toy is the best toy for you and your child. Even better is the fact that we then link you directly to where you can buy it. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Finding one of the top ten hottest toys for Christmas can be a nerve-racking experience. There is a sense of urgency that you have got to find the perfect toy and buy it yesterday! We take away that struggle, help you determine which toys really are the best this season, and we'll send you to reputable sites where you won't be paying ten times more than the toy is worth because of its popularity.

Today's parents feel more pressure than ever to provide the hottest toys for their kids, and their can be envy felt by both the parents and the kids that they really must have that perfect toy. With our site, envy becomes a thing of the past because we've got the top ten hottest toys for you to review for yourself and choose from – for girls, for boys, for anyone!

Believe us, we know. We have all been there. Finding the best toys of the year can be overwhelming. Walk into any major toy retailer today and you will be swamped with great looking toys in shiny packages. It can be very hard to know which toy really is one of the hottest this Christmas. That is why we want to help with that process.

This year, the toys are cooler, more interesting, and more fun! Let us help you sort it out. With us on your shopping team, we can guarantee two things. You will find the top hottest toys for Christmas 2011, and Christmas morning will be a happy, fun-filled experience exactly as it should be.


singamajig Will Sing a ma jigs Be The Hottest Christmas Toy Of 2011? Will Sing a ma jigs Be The Hottest Christmas Toy Of 2011?
Fisher Price’s Sing-a-ma-jigs Will Sing a ma jigs Be The Hottest Christmas Toy Of 2011? have shown great interest in the past couple of weeks. Their popularity is soaring due to a unique viral push on You Tube. It’s sure to be the hottest Christmas toy of 2011.

It may still be early to tell if they will be the toy of the year, we still have many weeks to go. But there are countless YouTube videos of people showing off these cute little singing toys. They even made it on Toys R Us Fabulous 15 list of the best toys for the upcoming holiday season.

There are 13 different Sing-a-ma-jigs Will Sing a ma jigs Be The Hottest Christmas Toy Of 2011? characters to choose from, making them an ideal collectors choice. Each of them have their own vocal range and their own song. Besides having a great harmony they are plush and cuddly making them the hottest Christmas toys of 2011.

Sing-a-ma-jigs have 3 different play modes. The first one is a Chatter mode. They talk in their own quirky language with jibbers and
jabbers. The second mode is singing their own song. The last play mode is Chorus. When you put more than one together, they sing in perfect harmony. The more you get the bigger the chorus.

Because each Sing-a-ma-jig has its own pitch, it makes for an interesting chorus with more than one. You have the full spectrum of alto, bass, tenor and soprano. You get to control the entire tempo of your chorus as well.

You can also control their sound by pressing their bellies. The longer and harder you press the louder and longer the song and notes become. It gives you a unique interaction that other singing toys do not provide. It’s easy to pick up, but takes time to master the control of your singing toy. Because of their unique interactivity and the current viral air, this will be the next hottest Christmas toy of 2011.


DanceStarMickey The Hottest Christmas Toy for 2011 The Hottest Christmas Toy for 2011

Introducing Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey The Hottest Christmas Toy for 2011. He has the moves and the judges give him a 10. This adorable interactive plush toy will be the hottest Christmas toy for 2010. Do you remember Tickle Me Elmo? Mickey will be producing the same craze this year and as a result will be the hardest to find Christmas toy.

Fisher Price, the same people that brought you Elmo is behind the strings of dance Star Mickey. At the time of this writing, Mickey was sold out or out of stock at The Disney Store, Wal-Mart, Sears and Toys R Us. Is this a prediction of things to come this Christmas? Luckily Amazon is currently in stock of this hot toy.

Dance Star Mickey will be a favorite this year for many reasons. Yes the magic of Disney is a big draw and that alone ensures the success of this hot toy. But the simple dance fun that Mickey brings will have the kids clambering for him. Mickey has 6 different dances moves and songs. Each are unique and very life like.

Here are the six songs:
1. Techno
2. Mambo
3. MoonDance
4. Shake Your Groove Thing
5. Get Up Offa That Thing
6. “M” TO THE “I”

Besides the slick dance moves, Mickey also has several play features. The first play feature is “Mickey Says”. It’s an interactive dance move Simon Says game. Mickey will inform the child what move to make. The second play feature is Freeze dance. Mickey will play a song and start dancing, when he says Freeze, everyone has to stop where they are.

Also making this the hottest Christmas Toy for 2010, Dance Star Mickey is a fun and cuddly plush toy. Children will embrace him. This favorite mouse will get kids moving and shaking. Let the magic of Disney move you. Grab your Mickey The Hottest Christmas Toy for 2011 before it becomes the hardest Christmas toy to find this year.


Christmas is fast approaching. Have you given it any thought yet? Every year the same story plays out. Parents in a mad dash, try and find that one hot toy for Christmas. The one toy that every other parent is looking for. Perhaps you do not know yet what that toy may be.

Have no fear, some of the top retailers are putting out their predictions for the 2010 Christmas season. Toys R Us was the first to put out their top 15 list of the hottest toys. Google was also quick to announce some of the top toy searches so far for the year. We’ll see if they keep up that trend every month.

Last year we saw the ZhuZhu pet hamsters sell out in many retail stores. Parents turned to eBay to get their child the hottest toy for Christmas only to pay hundreds of dollars. Do you remember the Tickle me Elmo? There is no doubt that this will happen again this year.

Early indications point to an increase in electronic toy interest. Toys like robots, MP3 players and Video Games will be the best sellers. There is a dancing Mickey Mouse that will sure to be a hit among the younger kids. Silly Bandz have shot to popularity early in the year and will be the favorite stocking stuffer for Christmas morning. Last year we saw a some movement toward older toys that parents may have grown up with. This fad is still around this year but is slowly weaning.

Lego’s is always a favorite toy for Christmas every year. Their theme sets allow them to stay competitive in the toy arena and also help introduce new product through out the year. Look for Harry Potter themed sets as well as Star Wars.

Surprisingly Toy Story 3 does not seem to be that big for Christmas this year. While they have introduced some new toys recently, most of the popular items, like their full size dolls, have been on the market for many months. It’s possible that many children received them as birthday gifts through out the year.

The toy scene constantly changes through out the months leading up to Christmas day. We stay on top of the hottest toys for Christmas by compiling the top ten list from best selling toys at the major retailers. Check back often as our list will changes on a weekly basis as Christmas time approaches. Check the list and get those toys early before the mad dash. You’ll save money, time and stress.


The hottest Christmas Toys this year will be GI Joe toys. The new GI Joe movie is breathing life into the franchise this year. GI Jor PIT Mobile HQ is a gigantic play set, one of the biggest to come from the franchise in years. This toys offers so much play action that it will keep kids busy for hours.

The Pit Mobile expands to 3 feet wide and can hold up to 84 action figures. Digital sounds and working missile launcher ads to the play fun. General Clayton comes with this new vehicle. The sheer size of this action play set will put it in the Top Ten Toys for Christmas list this year.

Expect to spend some time assembling this toy before Christmas morning. It comes with lots of small parts and stickers. You don’t want to be caught building this on Christmas day.